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Advantages Of Bicycling With Indoor Bikes

You have likely heard about the condition of an indoor cycling bike. What is it and also does it deliver a lot of advantages?

These are actually indoor bikes that are actually fixed. They do not take you anywhere as a bicycle can. Rather, you are to rest and also cycle on a biking device that is actually dealt with at your property. The top benefit of using such machines is that you may receive an effective bicycling exercise without going outdoors.

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The concern along with going outside is you require to ready your fixing set, extra tires, distribution, and so on. Along with the comfort of your indoor bikes at your really own property, there is actually no need for that.

Folks that want to conserve their valuable opportunity will additionally would like to consider receiving an indoor bicycle machine. You can also turn up the music and also cycle to your recreation within the conveniences of your very own house. Easily, this form of bike satisfies of simulating the true bicycle actually effectively.

Yet the many things is, they are actually certainly not economical. You may locate them at the gym and almost all health clubs have all of them. Therefore, if you are a bicyclist and also can easily not afford to purchase one, you could regularly go out to your neighborhood health club and health club.

It is actually typically terrific for newbies too. For beginners, you can consistently take a class along with a group of peers with a teacher leading you all. In this situation, no one would be actually left when biking! Finding individuals around you sweating it out with biking hard are going to make you function harder. This is an outstanding source of motivation.

The Eight Benefits of utilization an Exercise Bike

1. Attain Cardio Fitness

Nothing can easily trump cycling when you wish to enhance your cardio exercise. Rigorous cycling sessions can acquire your heart pushing in a regulated environment, making it appropriate for interval training.

2. Enhance Your Strength

Even if indoor bicycling is additional of cardio doesn't mean you don't deal with your muscle mass as well as toughness! All exercise bikes deliver resistance management, therefore you can mimic the job of climbing or even springing. You can easily opt for the slope level you prefer as well as for how much time to challenge your own self on the high degrees.

3. Melt Calories For Weight Loss

This is actually the utmost benefit many individuals seek when searching for exercises to do! Because exercise bikes give fantastic cardio and also stamina workout session, it may assist give you more calorie burn. The most ideal fat burning workout sessions involve melting calories while creating muscular tissue sculpt, therefore you burn fats throughout and also after exercising.

4. It's a Low-Impact Exercise

Whether you're cycling inside your home or even outdoors, it's an excellent physical exercise for those who need to have a low-impact alternative. It defends your joints if you struggle with shared conditions or even have an. trauma. Besides this, you may adapt to the various workout sessions to the amount of junctions can handle.

5. Strengthen Joint Mobility

As stated, stationary bike is actually a low-impact workout, which is why it is actually maximum for those involved regarding shared health and wellness. This is due to the fact that it assists preserve the mobility of your ankle joints, legs, and hip junctions.

6. It's Safe and also Simple

A stationary bicycle is a risk-free way to obtain the health and wellness advantages of biking without scary dangers. You won't need to have to stress over the website traffic, along with any drops or even crashes compared to cycling outsides.

You are actually safe inside, in a controlled environment, without jeopardizing your security in the traffic, irregular surface, or even bad weather. There are actually also indoor biking training classes you may participate in to make sure safety as you know the suitable type as well as approach.

7. It is actually Pretty Affordable

You may begin utilizing an exercise bike without investing a ton of money. While it may set you back a little bit in the beginning, it will definitely repay in the end along with its own exceptional wellness advantages as well as benefit.

It conserves you extra contrasted to the treadmill and also various other weightlifting equipment. Or, you can decide to opt for rotating classes or even participate in an economical fitness center for its bikes and other exercises!

8. Assist Your Mood and also Stress Levels

I understand exactly how we all feel the jogger's high, or the technique our electricity and mood amounts change right. Indoor bicycling may give a comparable adrenaline rush, launching the pleased mood-inducing natural chemicals, which are actually known as endorphins.

What is actually Glute Machines?

The glute machine is made use of for instruction in the health and fitness center to boost the measurements of your gluteal muscle mass. Your buttocks are no significant muscular tissue, there are actually three different muscular tissues that make up your butt. The way in which you focus on these gluteal muscular tissues will certainly calculate your excellence when you are actually exercising. Before delving into the very best glute machines, right here are actually the three muscular tissues comprising your buttocks.

What to consider for your property bottom workout session?

Before you go ahead and also purchase any one of the glute machines in this manual, you have to think about the useful edge of a home glute workout. Generally, there are actually three essential points to consider:

  • Space

  • Budget

  • Effectiveness

Think of how much area you invite your property, and this might limit the machines that you're checking out. You do not would like to get a bottom workout maker that doesn't suit your property or uses up a lot of space.

In a similar way, consider your spending plan-- the amount of can you truthfully afford to invest in machines for glutes?

Ultimately, consider the efficiency of the machine. Some might perform a better job than others, so it might be worth investing somewhat more for a much better top quality equipment that produces much better glute increases.

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 Save Your Aching Knees with a StairMaster Gauntlet

If you weren’t already aware, the StairMaster Gauntlet has quickly become one of the most popular pieces of gym equipment. Not only does the StairMaster machine provide a great form of exercise, but it’s also incredibly easy to use regardless of skill level, and comes jam-packed with plenty of benefits for those suffering from aching knees.

Those with aching knees know that exercising can be a pain. In fact, only 13 percent of men and 8 percent of women with knee osteoarthritis get the minimum recommended amount of weekly exercise — this is an unfortunate statistic, as exercise is the best thing one can do for their knees. 

The key to exercise being good therapy for the knees is to ensure that it’s the right kind of exercise for you, and the StairMaster machine is perfect option. While it may not be completely ideal for those who are already experiencing serious knee pain such as arthritis, those who are not there yet can strengthen their muscles with the StairMaster. 

Although the StairMaster has been gracing gym floors all over the world for years, they have recently become one of the most frequently used pieces of gym equipment. Let’s take a look at some fantastic benefits a StairMaster has to offer.

Why is the StairMaster Gauntlet better for the knees?

Low-Impact Cardio 

A StairMaster machine provides you with an intense cardiovascular workout that helps strengthen the muscles surrounding your knee joints. In other words, the StairMaster Gauntlet can produce the same cardio and muscle advantages that come from simply climbing real stairs — and with less impact, which is crucial for those with aching knees.

Other activities such as running on a treadmill or outdoors can have a very significant effect on the joints in our body. Luckily, climbing the stairs is heavily regarded as a low impact exercise. 

After all, high-impact exercises can make knee pain worse, which is why working out on real stairs should be avoided. This is because once you reach the top of the staircase, you’ll have to come back down — and it’s the descent that puts a lot of impact on your knees, which can be bad when repeated over time.

Strengthen bones, muscles, and joints

With stair climbers like the StairMaster 8 Series Gauntlet, you’ll get to develop the bones that make up your knee joint, which include your thighbone (femur), shinbone (tibia) and kneecap (patella). Indeed, our body reacts to weight-bearing exercises by building stronger bones, which is critical as we grow older — and the StairMaster is an easy way to do just that.

Not only does the StairMaster help you build stronger bones, but it also lets you strengthen the muscles that support your fragile knee joint while reducing excess body weight. This includes your quadriceps, hamstrings, and the muscles of the calf. Together, these muscles work to flex, extend, and stabilize your knee joint.

When working with a stair climber like the StairMaster Gauntlet, you’re working against the pull of gravity and continually raise your body up. This action works the muscles that flex and extend your knee, ankle, and hip. By developing these muscles, you’ll get to protect your knee for future high-stress activities such as basketball or soccer.  

If you’re looking for a great exercise that is less taxing and stressful on your feet, shins, and bones, the StairMaster is the solution for you.

Using a StairMaster Gauntlet with Aching Knees

If you’re experiencing knee pain, it’s crucial to use the StairMaster Gauntlet properly. Here are some tips to ensure you don’t cause yourself further pain.

Ensure proper posture

While using a stair climber like the StairMaster, it’s important to check your posture throughout your workout. Stand straight and avoid leaning forward or back, as it can increase your risk of falling and stresses your back. While you can lean on the rails for balance, refrain from leaning on it completely, as it can strain your arms and wrists. This also takes the work away from your legs, reducing the benefit for your knees. 

Additionally, proper form requires ensuring that your entire foot is always on the pedals, pushing down with a focus on your heel. Using only the front of your foot on the StairMaster’s pedal can increase the pressure placed on your knees. 

Use the right footwear

Unbeknownst to many, the right footwear can make a world of a difference when using a StairMaster. This is because shoes that don’t provide the necessary support around the foot and ankle or are ill-fitting can cause injuries to your knee joints. 

That said, the right shoe for stair climbing exercise should provide adequate support for your foot and ankle, as well as ample cushioning. 

Put safety first

In order to remain safe while using a StairMaster, the proper posture we mentioned earlier is essential. Make sure that your back is straight, shoulders back, head up looking forward, and that your  hands lightly resting on the bars on either side. 

If you experience pain in your knees during the workout, stop using a machine. Should the pain persist or become worse after resting, make sure you get checked by a medical professional. 

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The StairMaster provides a great cardiovascular workout that’s available for all gym-goers, regardless of experience level. Because a StairMaster is a relatively straightforward piece of gym equipment to use, it eliminates the need for excessive training or supervision. All one needs to do is jump on and start climbing.

Are you looking to add a new StairMaster 8 Series Gauntlet to your workout facility? At Primo Fitness, we are a seasoned group of exercise equipment professionals who are eager to offer you support with everything from pricing to equipment recommendations to make your search for gym equipment as seamless as possible.

With our broad selection of new and used gym equipment, looking for a StairMaster Gauntlet for sale has never been easier. We can help you outfit your fitness center with the best equipment available at a reasonable price. 

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Home Gym Trends in 2020: Workout & Equipment


Achieving your fitness goals doesn’t mean you need to have access to a state of the art gym or fitness trainer, but rather quality home gym equipment.

While it may seem like you can go down a fitness rabbit hole when searching for quality home gym packages, finding the best home gym equipment for your fitness goals and needs is much easier than you might think.

There have been many trends in the home gym and fitness world over the past six months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and today we will take a look at some of the trends that have stood out the most to us.

Afterward, we will take a quick look at some must-have gym equipment you should have in your home gym!

How to Work Out at Home in 2020

Top Trends in the Fitness Industry Due to COVID-19

Community Fitness

As the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to stay home, many gym-goers have developed a community approach to working out. Not only does it enable one another to stay connected while practicing social distancing, but it’s also incredibly helpful to have a community of friends and family who will keep you active during troubling and anxious times.

Live Streaming

As many fitness centers have been forced to close around the country, many of them have turned to technology to allow them to stay in business and connect with their customers.

With live streaming, gym trainers are able to keep in touch with their clients, and membership holders are able to attend some of the same classes they previously attended before the pandemic started.

Increased Awareness of Fitness

As a pandemic can cause fear and anxiety about our health, many people have used this time as an opportunity to focus on their bodies.

Whether the past six months have caused them to reflect on their diet and make changes, or find creative ways to make working out fun and family-oriented, the coronavirus pandemic has had somewhat of a positive effect on many people within the fitness community.

Must-Have At-Home Workout Equipment

If you’ve caught the fitness bug too and are considering building a gym in your home, let’s take a look at some of the must-have home gym equipment you should purchase.


The treadmill is a staple in every home gym and certainly belongs in yours. While the treadmill tends to be one of the more expensive pieces of gym equipment, it is also one of the most reliable and efficient pieces of equipment money can buy.

With modern technology, most treadmills offer adjustable incline settings, as well as preset programs to give your workout slightly more variety. Additionally, some even fold up so that it does not take up too much space when it is not in use.

Though there is a wide array of treadmills available on the market, we recommend the Life Fitness Activate Series treadmill.

Exercise Bike

When it comes to purchasing home gym equipment, an exercise bike is most likely the first thing people buy. Not only are they relatively inexpensive and lightweight, but they also have a small footprint in your home, and many are foldable, making them extremely optimal for apartments.

Exercise bikes are a great way to get in your daily dose of cardio, and nowadays, they range anywhere from beginner exercise bikes to more intense (and expensive) machines such as the Peloton.

If you want a great exercise bike that feels like the real thing, we suggest going with the Life Fitness IC3 Indoor Cycle Bike with Console.

Rowing Machine

Rowing machines may not be the most attractive piece of gym equipment, nor are they the most exciting, but they are one of the best purchases you can make if you’re looking to build muscle, as well as your cardio.

Not only do rowing machines provide a tremendous full-body workout in your legs, arms, back, and heart, the rowing machine is also a low-impact piece of equipment, which means you will save your knees and ankles from feeling most of the soreness.

If you’re looking for a great entry rower, the Life Fitness CX Rower Water Rower is at the top of our list.

Elliptical Machine

Another common purchase people make when building a home gym is an elliptical machine, and it’s easy to understand why. Not only are they one of the most popular pieces of equipment in any gym, but they also offer an excellent cardio workout, in addition to high-intensity interval training at an affordable price.

One of the best things about elliptical machines, however, is that, much like the rowing machine, there is far less strain on your joints when comparing it to other machines.

Additionally, some elliptical machines also have handles that incorporate the upper body in the workout, as well as the lower body.

If you’re in the market for a highly effective elliptical machine, we suggest going with the Life Fitness 95X Achieve Elliptical Crosstrainer.


Last, but certainly not least, no home gym would be complete without dumbbells. With a solid set of dumbbells, you can target nearly every major muscle group in your body.

From your legs to your arms, back, and torso, dumbbells are an extremely convenient and easy to use piece of equipment. Dumbbells can also be used in several different ways and add plenty of versatility and diversity in your workout routine.

Additionally, some dumbbell sets come with rubber, hex-shaped heads to prevent rolling and scratching the floors if they are dropped accidentally.

For some of the best dumbbells your money can buy, we recommend the Muscle D Hex Rubber Dumbbell Set.

Purchase Your Gym Equipment with Primo Fitness

At Primo Fitness, we provide our customers with a comprehensive choice of new and used home gym equipment for all of their fitness needs. Regardless of expertise or skill level, we have a piece of home gym equipment for everyone.

With more than 20 years of experience, we can help you to find the highest quality equipment at a price you can afford. We remain dedicated to providing all of our customers with the very best in fitness and exercise equipment.

Contact Primo Fitness today to find the best piece of home gym equipment for your fitness needs.

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Why the Cybex Arc Trainer is a Better Choice Than Ordinary Ellipticals


The Cybex Arc Trainer may look a lot like your ordinary elliptical, but that’s where the similarity pretty much ends. When it comes to its effectiveness as a cardio machine that gives the best workouts, the Arc Trainer is simply the better choice. It uses a different motion that makes it easier for the body to exercise but still gives a challenging workout for achieving your fitness goals.

In order to understand this better, it’s best to do a comparison of the Arc Trainer and the ordinary elliptical. Now there’s nothing wrong with using ellipticals – it’s a good cardio machine and has qualities that makes it better than other cardio equipment, like treadmills and stationary bikes. But the Arc Trainer may offer something more, which is why it’s worth getting to know this machine better.

What is an Arc Trainer?

Not everyone is familiar with the Arc Trainer. Compared to ellipticals, this machine is still relatively new. Its main difference from the elliptical is the motion it uses – its foot pedals travel along an arc. These machines from Cybex have been around since 2003, but it has not gotten much attention until years later.

The Arc Trainer comes in two styles – lower body and total body. 

The lower body machine is the original one, which works your legs while your hands are simply resting on the rails. Some find it more comfortable to swing their arms at their sides while their legs are working out. 

The total body machine, on the other hand, provides a full body workout.  

The machine gives a weight-bearing exercise that is non-impact at the same time. You can adjust the resistance, incline, and stride rate.

Why is it Better Than an Elliptical?

When you watch closely how the Arc Trainer works, you will notice that its footplate pushes down and back. It’s the same motion you make when you walk, hike, and pedal a bicycle.

The footplate on the opposite side subsequently travels in an arc, which prepares your other foot to put the power down in a movement that is more natural.

Now if you compare this to the motion of an elliptical, in which you have to contort your body into pedaling an ellipse. You may think that the difference is just slight, but when it comes to exercise, the slight difference can turn into bigger problems in the future, considering the number of rotations that your legs go through in just one 30-minute workout.

So the main point is this: the Arc Trainer reproduces your natural gait better than an elliptical. Nick Clayton, personal training program manager at the National Strength and Conditioning Association, likes the range of motion when using the Arc Trainer.

 “It’s like running uphill or marching through snow without the impact. I also like the fact that it emphasizes hip extension,” he says.

How About the Workout Plan?

The Arc Trainer has a wide variety of pre-programmed workouts or you can use the advanced interface to program your own routine. You can adjust the incline and resistance and come up with a stride rate that is comfortable for you and suits your fitness level.

4 Reasons to Use the Arc Trainer

Here’s a more detailed breakdown on why you should try the Arc Trainer.

1. It Gives a Better Overall Workout

The two machines similar to the Arc Trainer – treadmills and ellipticals – have their own set of drawbacks that you won’t find or experience with the Arc Trainer. A lot of people do not enjoy using treadmills because it’s not the same as running and it can be really hard on the joints.

As for the elliptical, athletes and other people who work on advanced levels gripe that the machine is not enough to get their heart rate up for a serious workout. Compare this to the Arc Trainer, which functions like a stair stepper. You can get serious work done on your hamstrings, quads, and glutes.

Nigel Anderson of Gym Source likes that it’s a full-body exercise. “The more muscles you’re working, the more fat you burn. That math will never change in a million years,” he says.

2. It’s More Functional

The motion of the Arc Trainer is similar to hiking when you drive your knee to the handlebar coming from the bottom of the pedal stroke.

3. It Burns More Calories

Using the same intensity and perceived exertion, those who use the Arc Trainer can burn 16% more calories compared to the elliptical. This is especially important if you’re working out during winter, when it’s harder to burn calories. 

Small differences matter. On average, a male who weighs 150 pounds doing a 30-minute workout can burn 300-475 calories. Of course, this will also depend on factors such as resistance, incline, and stride rate.

Dr. John Porcari, a professor in the department of exercise and sport science at University of Wisconsin La Crosse, is a co-author on a study showing the Arc Trainer does burn slightly more calories than an elliptical, “at the same amount of perceived exertion.”

Porcari recommends that people should continue using whatever machine feels best, which includes the Arc Trainer, because ultimately “the best machine is one you’re going to use.”

4. It’s Easier on the Joints

The Arc Trainer is designed to be easier on your knees and hips, thanks to its balanced loading design. Its body positioning makes working out better for your back as well. 

According to a study from the NCBI, “individuals with, or at risk for, lower-extremity joint pathology may benefit from exercise with modalities other than the elliptical trainer.”

Take the next step to a better physique!

The Arc Trainer can help you reach your fitness goals without putting unnecessary pressure on your body. Primo Fitness can help you find the machine that you need, brand-new or secondhand. We have more than 20 years of worldwide success for our new and used gym equipment for sale. 

To speak to our experienced technicians about our certified, pre-owned, and custom-built refurbished equipment, call Primo Fitness now or visit our store nearest you.

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Why the StairMaster Gauntlet is Better Than Climbing Actual Stairs


The Stairmaster Gauntlet has become one of the most popular machines for lower body exercise. It has proven very capable of providing very challenging workouts, thanks to its vast range of features. Aside from being a capable machine, it’s also fun to use.

Of course, there’s always the classic argument: why invest thousands of dollars on a machine such as the Stairmaster Gauntlet when one can just simply walk up a flight of stairs, repeatedly if needed, to achieve the effect it gives on the glutes and legs. 

This is why it’s important to understand what the Stairmaster Gauntlet can do in order to prove that it’s much better than going up and down the stairs!

Why is the Stairmaster Gauntlet an Excellent Workout Option?

The Stairmaster Gauntlet delivers the perfect combination of strength training, cardio, and calorie burning qualities in one seamless and efficient workout. It mimics the action of ascending the stairs without having to descend it. The machine can strengthen, sculpt, and tone your entire lower body by its movement, which is upward and backward direction.

Also, the Stairmaster has been proven to be able to work the core muscles, which is definitely a terrific bonus. It targets muscle groups that can be hard to sculpt, such as the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves.

Are there any downsides? Because it’s a machine of considerable size, it needs a fair amount of space in your home. The price can also become a downside, depending on who wants to buy it. 

But these supposed drawbacks are neutralized by its vast range of features, which makes it a machine designed to take care of all your fitness needs for quite a long time, given its make and quality.

Who Can Use the Stairmaster Gauntlet?

The beauty of the Stairmaster Gauntlet is that anyone can use it. It’s adjustable speed and resistance makes it fair game for both newbies and advanced levels, who can easily tweak it to suit their comfort and fitness level.

Even if you are not entirely a newbie to exercise but you haven’t worked out in a while, you can still easily use the Stairmaster Gauntlet. You only need to start at the right pace, say just 26 steps a minute, and then just increase the speed as your fitness level goes up.

But if you’re already hardcore, go ahead and set this to 162 steps a minute and get the total workout that you need!

How Does It Compare to Going to the Gym or Jogging?

Not all have the time and energy to go to the gym, especially if you have a demanding career and a growing family. Same goes with jogging – not everyone has the time and disposition to go out and run outdoors. 

In this situation, you may think of investing on equipment that you can use at home and work out during your free time. The Stairmaster Gauntlet is a machine that can give you maximum results in minimal time.

Why Can’t We Use the Stairs Instead?

There’s no argument against how good climbing up the stairs is as exercise. This involves lifting your entire body in order to get to the next step. Repeat this many times (depends on how many steps there are on the stairs and how many times you will go up and down it) and you will definitely burn intense calories. This is a great workout for your core, butt, thighs, and calf muscles.

But here’s the thing: when climbing a real set of stairs, of course you need to come back down in order to climb up again. Going down the stairs can be stressful on the knee joints because you are going against the force of gravity. 

This means you increase your risk for injury, especially if you plan to go up and down the stairs for twenty minutes or more.

Now with the Stairmaster Gauntlet, you don’t have to go down the stairs, so to speak, and just focus on climbing up on the duration of your workout. 

Best of all, it’s low-impact features ensure that your joints will be treated with care. At higher resistance levels, you will get the equivalent of running up the stairs, not just walking up, even though technically you’re not really running.

What Features Makes the Stairmaster Gauntlet a Hit Among Fitness Enthusiasts?

Here’s the nitty gritty on what makes the Stairmaster Gauntlet totally worth the price of your purchase.

  • It’s user-friendly. The functions are very straightforward – just select your desired program, then choose the speed and intensity level, and you’re ready to roll. You only need to press some buttons or touch the screen in order to get going.
  • Designed for performance. The machine is made of rust-free and highly durable polypropylene construction that gives it the clean and professional appearance of an industrial machine. The handrails are ergonomically designed and the monitor is optimally positioned, which allows you to maintain a good posture while checking out your stats.
  • Comfortable step action. It has a revolving staircase function, with eight steps that are 8″ high, 9″ deep and 22″ wide. The dimensions are the same as a regular set of stairs, which makes stepping on it a comfortable and familiar experience.
  •  Various step rate and resistance options. Rotation for the steps can be programmed between 26 and 162 times per minute, which allows the machine to cater to all fitness levels. Resistance has 9 levels, ranging from easy to intense. Do you want to increase the challenge of your workout? Just ascend two steps at a time.

These are only some of the reasons why the Stairmaster Gauntlet deserves a space in your home. if you’re already decided to get one or you need to know more about the machine before you buy, Primo Fitness can help you. 

We are the industry’s leading provider of new and used gym equipment for sale. Call Primo Fitness today to get the fitness equipment you need.

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How to Turn Your Stationary Bike Into a Fat-Burning Machine


A lot of people consider the stationary bike as one of the most boring exercise machines around. Unless you’re in a group class surrounded with pounding music and an instructor to keep you pumped up, using an indoor bike is not exactly an exciting experience. But if you’re told that the lone bike that you naturally ignore at the gym can burn fat like crazy (provided you use it right), you may change your mind about it.

According to Jennifer Tallman, indoor cycling instructor at New York Sports Clubs, stationary bikes are great for everyone, regardless of fitness level. “Workouts on the bike build your cardiovascular endurance and strength in your legs, which translates to benefits off the bike, too.”

Another great thing about the indoor bike is that it’s considered a low-impact machine. This is good news for people who want to avoid too much stress on their knees. This also makes the stationary bike a good machine for beginners or just about anyone who wants to add a little diversity to their fitness routines.

Should You Join a Group Bike Class or Not?

There are people who perform better when working out with a group and if this is your case, then a group class may be the thing for you. Roxie Jones, a certified strength coach and instructor at SoulCycle in New York City, gives a great reason for joining spin workouts.

“Spin workouts are low-impact, making them accessible to people with any injuries that can’t handle the impact of another sport like running. You can also do them indoors during colder months, making it super convenient, and spinning requires a rider to engage their core when up and out of the saddle, while also improving endurance and cardio health overall.”

Now if you don’t find group workouts appealing and would rather bike in peace, you can just go at it solo. You can use any stationary bike at your local gym or invest in your own bike so you can cycle at home. Where you bike doesn’t really matter when it comes to your capacity to burn fat.

Indoor Cycling Workouts for Maximum Fat Burning

These trainer-recommended workouts will work wonders, whether you’re looking to burn loads of calories the low-impact way or developing a steady fitness routine.

1. All-Levels Welcome

If you’re a total newbie to the stationary bike, this is the perfect workout for you. This routine is mostly aerobic but includes short and challenging intervals that burn calories. 

First, you begin with an easy warm-up and then move 3-5 rounds of 6-minute work.

The intensity of your work and rest periods will be gauged according to your rate of perceived exertion (RPE) on a scale of 1 (very easy) to 10 (maximum effort). This means that you bike at a pace that works for your level of fitness.

If you’re a beginner, stick to 3 rounds of the main block work. For more advanced levels, all 5 rounds are great.

2. Cardio and Strength for Higher Levels

In this 45-minute workout, indoor and outdoor cyclists will build three elements in their performance. These are cardiovascular fitness, leg strength, and an efficient pedal stroke. 

You will start with a 10-minute warm-up before you move on to the main event, where the goal is to nail 3-minute work sets. The main workout should be repeated for 2-4 rounds. A 5-minute cool down caps off this routine. 

This workout is made for intermediate and advanced cyclists, as you can see on the length of the workout sets.

3. Intro to Hill and Speed Intervals

This workout, which is designed for beginner and intermediate levels, runs for 40-minutes. Your heart rate will be taken through different zones, working on three intervals of different work-to-rest ratios. 

The payoff is tons of scorched calories and an enormous boost to your fitness level. 

The best thing about it? This is actually easy on the joints!

4. Cycle Fartlek

Kristian Flores, CSCS, a strength and conditioning coach in New York City, says that “Fartlek training is a fun way to mix HIIT with steady-state cardio.” Fartlek training is usually associated with running, but in this case, the principle of “speed play” can be applied to stationary biking and any other activity.

Fartlek workouts are often unstructured, which is part of its big appeal. You can go as hard as you can, for as long as you can. Afterwards, you can recover until you are ready to cycle hard again. So this is really all up to your strength and determination. 

This makes Fartlek applicable to all fitness levels, a great way to build endurance and power.

5. 25-Minute Intermediate Intervals

This workout is structured according to your effort level. This is best for people who already have ample experience on the bike, preferable those who have done intervals. Jess Cifelli, master instructor at CYCLEBAR, said that in this way, you’ll have a basic understanding of what different effort levels feel like for you.

The effort levels are the following:

  • Low. This requires just a light resistance, something you can do while having a conversation with the person biking next to you.
  • Medium. The resistance is cranked up a bit – you can still talk, but not as effortless as the first one.
  • High. Forget about the conversation at the moment. Stand up in the saddle to handle the work better.
  • Maximum. Definitely no more speaking and there is no assurance you can do this for more than 30 seconds!

6. Power Intervals

According to Lauren ‘Lolo’ Wilson, senior master instructor at CYCLEBAR, “High-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts like this pack a punch in a relatively short amount of time.” With this 45-minute routine, you will improve your aerobic capacity, build muscle, and of course, burn fat outrageously.

This is best done by people who exercise 3-5 days a week consistently for at least 6 weeks. For those new to HIIT, Wilson recommends to start with 10 power intervals and add 2 intervals to each workout until you reach 20 total intervals.”

Are you interested to bike but not up to the task of joining a group class? You can just buy your own indoor bike and do this solo in the comforts of your own home. Let our staff help you get the perfect bike for your workouts. Contact Primo Fitness to see our merchandise today!

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Thursday, September 3, 2020

How to Buy the Best Glute Machines for Your Lower Body


Who doesn’t want a big booty? Whether you want it for purely aesthetic purposes or for added overall lower body strength (or both!), you will never run out of options to get the glutes that you want. There is no shortage of the glute machines for your lower body in the market; the actual problem is how to choose the equipment that can work for your mission.

But before you go ahead and hand over your hard-earned cash, you have to think carefully about your planned purchase. Spending for a dumbbell or two, or a set or resistance bands is one thing – paying hundreds of thousands of dollars on a machine that will take up considerable space in your home is another.

Here’s what you need to know when buying a glute machine!

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Glute Machine

1. Budget

The saying “You get what you pay for” may be true in a lot of situations, but not necessarily in buying fitness equipment. Just because a particular equipment doesn’t have a price tag that makes you wince doesn’t automatically mean it is not worth your purchase. 

Affordable and cheap need not be synonymous. If budget is an issue, there are plenty of mid-range options with great quality that you can choose from.

2. Quality

The allure of an expensive, branded product is totally understandable, especially with the way those are marketed. There are stores that get to sell a product by the virtue of its brand name. 

Still, while there are branded equipment that ARE worth the buy, there are non-branded equipment that are built for the same purpose, using the same materials, that are worth looking into.

3. Versatility

A lot of these machines or equipment are being sold as multi-tasking products that will make the most out of your money, but come up short on their promises. Or there are products designed to target a specific body part, but turns out you can do the same exercise with multi-tasking equipment.

You have to choose carefully, keeping in mind the exercises that you plan to need to do for your program. Remember that there is equipment you can use not only for your glutes, but for other muscle groups as well.

4. Space

If you’re living in a small studio, buying a big machine is most likely not the practical option for you, especially if you’re living with family. If you only have limited space, it’s best to limit your choices to equipment that you can easily store in your closet when not in use. 

5. Effectiveness

Even the most expensive piece of equipment can’t guarantee you a glorious booty if you’re not using it properly. There are a whole lot of other factors in play, such as the way you use that machine…if you get to use it religiously at all. 

Also, exercise comes hand-in-hand with good nutrition when it comes to getting the body you desire. If you don’t eat right, no equipment or machine in the world can help you get your fitness on.

6. Resistance

When it comes to exercise, there are two types of resistance you will be dealing with – gravity and elastic. There are equipment that use both and there are those designed to deal with just one kind. 

Weights use gravity resistance, while rubber bands and metal springs use elastic resistance. Decide what type you want to use and then choose the right equipment.

7. Portability

Portability is not only a concern for the amount of physical space you have at home. You also have to consider this if you’re constantly travelling and you want to work out when you’re out and about. If this is the case, you are better off buying a set of resistance bands or a set of dumbbells that you can easily take with you wherever you go.

8. Fitness Level

If you’re a fitness newbie and you’re still getting a feel of regular workouts, it’s not wise to invest in expensive machines right away. There are so many people who have done so and ended up losing interest with exercise eventually, leaving the machine to gather dust in the basement. Talk about occupying space and thousands of dollars wasted. 

It’s best to get the most affordable equipment first and if you feel like you can keep this up, then maybe you can switch up to more advanced and more expensive equipment.

Best Glute-Building Equipment for Home Use

With that being said, here are two options worth checking out if you have serious intentions of building up your booty. We have a resistance band set for those looking for portability and a machine for those with space and budget to buy it.

1. INNSTAR Booty Resistance Band Glute Cord System

This cord system is so easy to use! All you need to do is anchor it to the door (hooks are provided for this purpose), then trap the other bands around each of your ankles and you’re ready to go. It’s definitely worth your money since it can be used for more than just the usual leg extensions and kickbacks.

Another great thing about it is that you can use it to target other muscle groups.  Just anchor the cord to the top of the door frame instead of the bottom and then use it to work out your arms, shoulders, and back.

If you’re clueless about how to use resistance bands, no need to worry. This set comes with a guide that can show you the correct techniques and the right exercises for specific muscle groups.

2. Body-Solid GLPH1100 Leg Press and Hack Squat Machine

This looks like an imposing piece of equipment but this is perfect for those who work out on the mid-level to advanced levels. This is made for heavy lifting – it can support up to 1000 pounds. You can do leg press workouts and back squats, with all the weights that you need.

The only “problem,” if you can call it that, with this machine is that you have to spend around two hours to assemble this beast. But you can always count this as part of your workout and besides, no pain, no gain.

So are you looking forward to getting the best booty of your life? Let Primo Fitness help you with your goals. We are the industry’s leading provider of new and used gym equipment for sale and we are the best people to help you find the right equipment or machine for your fitness goals.

Call Primo Fitness today!

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